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Du möchtest Dein Shoppingcenter in einen Dinopark verwandeln – oder doch lieber in eine Eishöhle? Profitiere von bereits bestehenden Konzepten und Themenwelten, die wir flexibel an Deine Fläche anpassen. Auch aus neuen Ideen entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit Dir ausgereifte Konzepte und setzten diese bis ins letzte Detail gemeinsam mit Dir um. 

Exhibition bears

Discover our bears in the mall!

"Exhibition Elk"

Let yourself be fascinated by our moose!

Fairy Tale World Exhibition

Which fairy tale world is the most beautiful in the whole country?

Wonderful pixie world

Is it time again? Take a look at our gnomes designed with attention to detail!

Exhibition Easter

The Easter bunnies are on the loose! Discover our rabbits.

Easter in different countries

Which Easter tradition do you like best? Discover Easter around the world!

Dinosaur exhibition

Discover with us the giants of prehistoric times.

Exhibition Thailand

Welcome to the land of smiles. Discover Southeast Asian Thailand in our gallery!

Frozen Planet with adventure slide

Just travel back to the Stone Age, if you could... You can!

forest and meadow

Discover our exhibition on forest and meadows!

Rise of the Titans

Riot against Zeus!

Exhibition of the polar bear

"Discover impressive winter scenarios without freezing! "

Exhibition Nicholas

The magical time of the year for young and old.

Halloween experience world

Trick or treat? Discover our spirit world!

Exhibition reptiles

Want to get up close and personal with a wide variety of reptiles?

50's and 60's

You can immediately feel the unique flair of the 50s and 60s in our exhibition.

Exhibition country decoration

"The whole world within reach!
Japan, Mexico and Italy at the same time? This works out!"

Exhibition pirates

Ahoy, you landlubbers! Pirates for big and small.

Exhibition crazy animals

Welcome to our exhibition of totally crazy animal vacations.

History of Jeans

Exhibition History of Jeans

Decoration Christmas

The best time of the year? Take a look at how you can stage them perfectly with us!

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