Cookie-Policy Bachmeyr GmbH

In order for this Internet portal to work properly, we sometimes store small files - called cookies - on your device. This is common on most major websites.


What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that a web portal leaves on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit it. This allows the portal to "remember" certain inputs and settings (eg, login, language, font size, and other display preferences) over a period of time, and you do not need to retake them each time you visit and navigate the portal.

How do we use cookies?
On our pages, we use cookies to store your participation in a content usability survey (so you will not be prompted to respond again through a pop-up window)

Your decision to (or against) the use of cookies on this website.

Some videos embedded on our pages also use cookies to create anonymous statistics about previously visited pages and selected videos.

While accepting cookies is not essential to using the portal, it makes browsing more enjoyable. You may block or delete cookies, but this may interfere with some features of this portal

The information collected through cookies is not used to identify you, and the information is completely under our control. The cookies are not used for purposes other than those mentioned here.

Control over cookies
You can control and / or delete cookies at will. Like, learn here: You can delete all cookies stored on your computer and set most browsers to prevent the storage of cookies. But then you may have to make some settings manually every time you visit a page and take the degradation of some features into account.